Fine Dining

From R200 per person

Guests walk into one of the most welcoming aspects of Springfontein Guesthouse as they approach our most elegant dining room.

Facing them, through glass doors, they first find a bright, slate-floored, frond-filled sunroom bursting with a wide variety of plants literally enveloping the room and introducing some of the most attractive of outdoor plants into the house itself. There can be no better spot for guests to unwind before moving into the dining room.

Graciousness personified

Graciousness is the first impression one has on entering the dramatically decorated dining room, with its bright crimson walls, its fine works of art, and its Georgian tables and silver candelabras. This is clearly a fine room conceived for complementing the excellence of the meals served.

Three course meals

Yes, we believe it is appropriate that there should be a sense of occasion about dining at Springfontein Guesthouse. Meals are normally of three courses, served by a team of charming and obviously well-trained staff. However some travellers have spent many hours in their cars and succumbed to the temptation of nibbling which reduces the appetite, so two courses are offered as an alternative for the not so hungry.

Typically, guests are introduced to their meal by a choice of homemade pate, either chicken liver or snoek pate. In the winter a wholesome, warming soup could well be included on the menu.

Not surprisingly (bearing in mind that we are situated with direct access to the finest lamb in South Africa), the main course often is roast leg of peerless Karoo lamb or roast neck of pork. These dishes are served with green beans, carrots and potato croquettes. If available, the ever-popular venison pie can be requested by guests for whom game is the preference.

Springfontein Guesthouse meals predictably come to a fitting conclusion with a choice of puddings such as Mousse au Chocolat, Pear Poached in Red Wine or the speciality of the house; Home-Made Ice Cream with “Death by Chocolate”

Bed and Breakfast

On our daily breakfast menu (which is in addition to the basic room rate) is an interesting selection of stewed fruit, yoghurt, and cereals, followed by what is generally acknowledged as the best scrambled eggs in the Free State – accompanied by bacon, sausages and fried tomatoes. Together with steaming fresh coffee or a choice of several teas, this breakfast makes an excellent start to anybody’s day.

Enabling those guests anxious to continue on their long journeys breakfast usually starts at the comfortable time of 08:00 a.m. For folk who just have to leave early, it is no problem for us to supply what in South Africa is known as “Pad Kos” – but we do need to know a couple of days in advance as ingredients for such take-aways are sometimes difficult to source, living as we do in this truly rural part of the country.