About us

Graeme Wedgwood

Graeme Wedgwood, Scottish-born owner of Springfontein House, was a London stockbroker before moving into the hospitality industry in South Africa 21 years ago and has an absolute legion of satisfied customers to vouch for his success. Cultured and a lover of fine art and all things good, he stands out in the catering business as an extremely interesting person.

Friendly Service

Graemeā€™s arrival in Springfontein was after a highly successful sojourn in another village – Smithfield in the southern Free State. It was there that his Smithfield Guesthouse became famed for its elegance, its fine food and a touch of Wedgwood magic that brought a whole new category of tourist to that town. Graeme is the sort of character capable of mixing elegantly in all company, and does so with great aplomb.

Springfontein House

These same qualities have been the makings of Springfontein Guesthouse, and the consequent focus of attention on the little town as an absolute oasis for those with a taste for fine living. In Graeme you will find a man whose love of house and garden, countryside, good company, food and wine now sets a new standard and is reflected in the manner guests are received – and cosseted.